Ahead of the recent launch of the film Legend about The Kray's brothers and their wicked ways Stanley from our team got his hands on one of the casts barnet. Raise your glasses for Mel Raido who starred as Glasgow gangster Ian Barrie and put up with Hardy's method acting. 

Founding member of The King's Canary, Stan went for a classically rugged look by keeping the sides short and the top longer with added texture for a dishevelled finish. Want to know how to do it yourself lads? Keep reading for a quick guide...

Start by cleaning your hair with Evo's top range of shampoo's. We suggest 'Normal Persons' or 'The Therapist' - depending on how sensitive you're feeling. 

Now rub a blob of 'Gangsta's Grip' by EVO into the palms of your hands and smooth through your hair. Make sure this blob is no bigger than a 20p (too much makes you look like a clueless teenager again)

Give the top of your barnet a lift upwards and shake your hair into all angles until you start to look handsomely dishevelled.