Hanah at our local gallery 'Tj Boulting and Trolley books' brought this book over to the Salon this week and everyone has been hooked! Buffalo could be considered one of the finest style crazes and sub cultures to have emerged from the London. The juxtposition between pairing sportswear with a statement piece of designer garb from the likes of Armani became the signature style of the day.

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Book Review:

"Buffalo quietly defined the look of 80s youth culture, especially in the UK, and this legacy of an uncompromisingly urban style has since inspired legions of designers, stylists, and photographers who were part of the gang, but who absorbed and understood the images and references and made them their own in cities the world over. From the simple combo of the ubiquitous MA-1 flight jacket and an old pair of Levi's (Ray's own uniform), to the rarified clothing produced by cutting-edge designers, Petri's legacy of style—and the Buffalo stance—is still alive and making its presence felt on the biggest catwalk of them all: the street."