What to do.. 

In London town this weekend. Inspired by London and decided by the team at The King's Canary - we are bringing to the table the best places to eat, drink and get cultured. 

1. EAT

L'eau a la bouche:

A stone’s throw away from the (almost open) second salon The Canary is L'eau a la bouche, the brunch spot to bag a table this weekend. The deli-market goods and rustic,lively atmosphere add to the charm of this place. What’s more is everything is fresh and homemade and they have a good selection of French/European imported food and products.

If East is too far for you there is something a little more central which might work…

Bao London

If you have ever tried to buy these steamed buns at a supermarket or attempted to make them yourself then you know you might as well not bother and instead head to BAO for your Taiwanese foodie fix. The BAO bun has transformed from popular street food to a snug and cosy date night spot. Nestled in the heart of Soho means it’s a great pit stop before hitting the  bars near by.

FYI: You can’t book so head there early for a table


This secret spot most Londoners don’t want you to find out about is a must for any dark spirited connoisseur. Not immediately obvious at street level so look out for the vintage ‘Optician’ sign for the blindfolded hog doorknocker and you’re in. Head here for an array of vintage cocktails and food pairings -yes they actually pair your food to your cocktail.

3. SEE

To celebrate its anniversary, London’s Saatchi Gallery is staging its first all-women exhibition. The interestingly titled ‘Champagne Life’ has little to do with champagne and is in fact reference to a 2014 piece by one of the participating artists, the American Julia Wachtel, which intersperses an upside down and repeated image of Kim and Kayne with a right-ways-up, blue plastic, finger-wagging Minnie Mouse.

This exhibition is worth seeing if only to experience some of the most striking works by contemporary female artists. Look out for; Alice Anderson’s enormous cotton reel (Bound), and ball (181 Kilometers); to Stephanie Quayle’s Two Cows – two life-sized brown cows, made from clay and chicken wire; and Sohelia Sokhanvari’s Moje Sabz, a taxidermied horse straddling a giant, deflating balloon.