• Take 4-5 tbsp. of fresh aloe Vera gel, 3 tbsp. of coconut oil and mix it with 2 tbsp. of honey.

  • Mix everything well and apply this on your hair in root to tip direction.

  • This is a hydrating hair mask and if your hairs are dull and dry then this will nourish them deeply.

  • Keep this mask for 20-25 minutes and then wash off using your regular shampoo.


Botanical remedies tap into the wisdom of Ayurveda (the ancient healing art of India). It’s easy, cost effective and quick to create an aloe vera recipe from this ancient technique. You can apply this natural ingredient to cleanse, nourish and protect your hair from damage, so grab some Aloe Vera, coconut oil and honey for a dry hair mask to create hydrated, healthy hair.

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You can also use aloe vera on hair for many other purposes, like getting rid of dandruff, itchy scalp, dry hair, bacterial and fungal infections.


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