What’s in Denisia’s Beauty Cupboard?

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What product do you use to brighten up party-tired skin? - I always use a hydrating mask followed by a brightening serum and spritz on as much thermal water as I possibly can.

Can you predict any key hair and beauty trends for the coming season? Judging by what I've seen on the catwalk at Fashion Week last September, hair and makeup are getting simpler, more natural. The focus is now on amazing looking skin and healthy locks.

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All images can be found at Polishing Colors and taken by Denisia 

What Shampoo and Conditioner do you use and why?

I use a rather gentle moisturising shampoo, nothing that would strip my scalp of its natural oils, and follow with a lightweight conditioner. Also, because I have very fine hair I use a little bit of dry shampoo every day to add some texture to it.

What is your secret weapon when it comes to heat styling tools?

Minimize the damage. My hair is poker straight and I much prefer it wavy or curly so I use a curling wand every other day. When possible, I leave my hair to dry naturally, never use the styling tools on highest power and always apply a thermal protection spray. 

Do you do any weekly treatments on your hair/skin and if so what and why? - On my hair I apply a homemade mask made from two egg yolks and essential oils. I do this every week and leave it on for at least two, three hours. When it comes to facial treatments I adapt my routine according to how my skin looks and feels that week. If I'm dealing with a breakout, anything with salicylic acid in it would do wonders. If I have dry patches I'll use something very moisturizing and so on.

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