We are delighted to join forces with Julian Page Fine Art and show curated exhibitions at our mega salon on Great Titchfield St. Our inaugural show comprises three works from Alexander Massouras’ Divers series. The ambivalence of falling opens the paintings and drawings to both optimistic and pessimistic interpretation. The Divers are rich in formal resonances, from images of crucifixion to Barnett Newman’s zips; their simultaneous use of representation and abstraction denies the figure context or void, furthering their ambiguity. Alexander Massouras is a painter, printmaker, and author of Three Moderately Cautionary Tales. He has been shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize, the Gilchrist Fisher Award, and in 2011 he won the Pulse Prize. His work is in the collections of the British Museum, the Rhode Island School of Design Museum, and the London School of Economics. 1. Diver (somersault with tuck) Oil on linen 140cm x 110cm 2. Diver (one and a half somersaults with tuck) Oil on linen 90cm x 72cm 3. Diver drawing (swan dive, landing) Graphite 60cm x 40cm Julian Page Fine Art www.julianpage.co.uk 07939 501 552