To all of our loyal clients, friends and family... We wish you a Happy New Year and hope you will join us in celebrating the start of 2015. We can only wish for another year as jam packed and as fun as 2014 was for us. With special thanks to all that made this year what it was. Here a few of our favourite shots of our year. For your viewing pleasure... We start with our Full Moon of bottle tops from Robson CezarGavin celebrates a Milestone Birthday with a bang.Stanley works with the Reiss team to create the look book for Autumn/Winter 2014.We celebrated our first year Birthday back in June, and what a party that was!!Thomas Taw being interview by the guys from Bangkok back in June. In July we saw the 2nd issue Launch of The Fitzrovia Journal at the Rebecca Hossack gallery. A top night hosted by Kirk Truman. A merry Gavin and Stanley heading off into Fitzrovia after the party. A little restyle from long to short for our overseas blogger @lefreakeschic, all the way from Chile. Our PopUp Canary at the Redbull Studio for London Cocktail Week. Gavin working his magic at Redbull Studio. Luigi Inglese having fun whilst working a little undercut on our girl Vicki Johnson. Our first advert goes onto the back cover of the 3rd edition of The Fitzrovia Journal and the launch party was in full swing. Another class evening for Fitzrovia and also for us at The King's Canary.December. The calm before the storm. Gavin and Claire embark on some creative colouring-in and some knitting just before the run up to Christmas mayhem. A great photo with so much colour going on. Walt Disney and the Taliban also star in the same photo. And finally A Merry Christmas was had by all. Our first tree, with some branded decorations from Gavin. Happy New Year and here is to a great 2015.