Modern Teddy Boy Hair

Rory Fleck Byrne for #NUITmagazine. For more visit Photography by @andrea_vecchiato. Grooming by Dan at @thekingscanary.

This week’s man-spiration comes in the form of the 50's teddy boy goes out in modern day Fitzrovia.

The haircut needs a longer length but is relatively easy to style in the morning with the right kind of product. Ideally hair should be about 1 to 2 inches at the front and depending on how extreme you want to take this look you can take it as short as you want at the sides.

To create a basic quiff, grab the hair over the forehead and comb back - the look you initially want to create looks something similar to a duck’s rear. Then emulsify the styling product by rubbing between your palms before you apply to this part of the hair.

Finish by combing the sides of the hair up, grab a blob of styling gel and massage onto the palms before running the up the sides of the head so that the hair stands up.

Now it's time for a pint...